Guidelines for linking a GHS Portal Account with the Benefciary Record

March 11th, 2021

The beneficiaries can access their Medical History once they link their Beneficiary Record with their Portal Account.

Please note that , for adult beneficiaries, ONE portal account can be linked to ONLY ONE beneficiary record.

Records of minor children are automatically linked with their parent’s portal account once the parents link their portal account with their own beneficiary record. Both parents have access to their children’s record. This applies also for beneficiaries without Cypriot Nationality, provided that the parents have enrolled to the GHS prior to their children.
In case the parents have enrolled after their children, they must request from the child’s Personal Doctor (Pediatrician) to add their data into their child’s record during the Beneficiary Verification/Identification process. If they do not follow these steps, they must contact the HIO.

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