Dr Dorel Dimcea, MD, PhD

Dr Dorel Dimcea, MD, PhD


Dr Dorel Dimcea, MD, PhD is a cardiologist with dual Serbian and Cypriot citizenship. He was born in Yugoslavia and completed his high school education there before receiving a scholarship from the Republic of Romania to pursue his medical studies at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davilla in Bucharest, Romania.

After serving in the health corps of the Yugoslav army and working as a general practitioner in Yugoslavia, Dr. Dimcea continued his medical education with a specialization in cardiology at the University of Medicine Carol Davilla in Bucharest. He also obtained a PhD degree in medical science/cardiology from the same institution, focusing his research on the treatment of acute myocardial infarction and resulting in improved survival rates.

Dr Dimcea has worked at medical centers in Paphos, Cyprus, as well as a private cardiology practice in partnership with two medical centers in the same city. He has also held positions as a senior house officer/doctor at Royal Sunderland University Hospital and Blackpool Victoria Hospital in the United Kingdom, and as a chief of the cardiology service at Le Centre Medical La Roseraie in Montfaucon, France.

Dr Dimcea is a member of the Cyprus Medical Association and is also registered with the French Medical Council in Paris, France.


Dr Dorel speaks the following languages: Greek, English, Serbian, Romanian, French and Italian.