Dr Abraham Avigdor, MD

Dr Abraham Avigdor, MD

Hematology-Oncologist  – Associate via Telemedicine service

Dr Abraham Avigdor, MD, is a highly regarded hematologist-oncologist, recognized by Forbes as one of the “Best Doctors in Israel.” He heads the Department of Hemato-Oncology at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Additionally, Dr Avigdor now works with WeCare Medical Centre, providing telemedicine services for second opinion consultations and further treatments.

Dr Avigdor specializes in a variety of hematologic malignancies, including acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), acute myeloid leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). He obtained his Medical Doctor degree from the Faculty of Medicine at Ben-Gurion University and completed internships in Internal Medicine and Hematology at Sheba Medical Center. Additionally, he pursued a post-doctoral fellowship in human hematopoietic stem cell biology at the Weizmann Institute’s Department of Immunology.

With over 30 years of clinical experience, Dr Avigdor is fluent in Hebrew and English. He is an active participant in international conferences and symposiums and has authored over 50 articles and scientific papers. As a senior lecturer at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Avigdor shares his extensive knowledge with the next generation of medical professionals. He is also the founder and president of the Israeli Lymphoma Working Group and a member of the Hematology Consultation team for the Health Basket.

Dr Avigdor’s contributions to the field of hematology-oncology and his dedication to patient care have established him as a leading figure in his specialty.