Dr Grigorios Tzagidis

Dr Grigorios Tzagidis

Surgeon, Urologist-Andrologist

Dr Grigorios Tzagidis is a Surgeon Urologist-Andrologist who has a wealth of experience and training in the field of urology, andrology, and oncology. He completed his medical degree at Kursk State Medical University and post-graduated in Greece, where he served his military service in the health corps and worked as a General Practitioner for three years. He completed his specialization in surgery-transplantology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and specialization in urology-andrology at the General Hospital of Serres in Greece.

Dr Tzagidis is currently practicing under GESY and privately at WeCare Medical Centre in Paphos, where he uses modern methods of diagnosis and treatment which can provide patients with better outcomes and more effective solutions to various urological, oncological, and andrological diseases, including urolithiasis, kidney and ureter tumors, prostate cancer and hyperplasia, bladder tumors, erectile dysfunction, phimosis, curvature of the penis, and penile tumors. The use of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools like ultrasound machines and flexible cystourethroscopy can help to accurately diagnose urological and andrological conditions, while the use of a special shock wave therapy device for treating erectile dysfunction can offer a non-invasive treatment option.

Dr Tzagidis speaks Greek, English and Russian language.