Kateryna Klymova

Kateryna Klymova

Therapist – Associate

Born in 1979. Kateryna received her higher education in social sciences and began her career as a social psychologist, dedicating 10 years to helping vulnerable populations.

After earning a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the National Academy of Public Administration, she worked as a psychological consultant to high-ranking officials in the fields of negotiation and conflict resolution.

Her fascination with the human psyche, its boundlessness, and uniqueness led her to further training at the Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy (Germany), where she specialized as a consultant in positive psychotherapy.

In her practice, Kateryna integrates approaches such as existential analysis, psychoanalysis, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The goal of existential analysis is to help the person to live with internal consent in relation to his or her actions, find, and realize the meaning of their lives. Psychoanalysis aids in processing biographical experiences, examining how past events influence the present.

Professional Development

Currently, she is advancing her qualifications in existential analysis at GLE International (Vienna, Austria) under the guidance of Alfried Längle, and is also participating in the educational program “The London Lectures on Psychoanalysis” led by Dr. David Bell.

What Sessions with a Psychologist Offer

“Why didn’t I come to you sooner?” is a phrase Kateryna often hears from her clients. Gentle, respectful, and confidential relationships between the therapist and patient gradually lead the client to the desired changes and — to themselves.

Speaks Russian and English.